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kennedy idphotoJoseph S. Kennedy, C.S.C.S., D.C.

Clinic Director
Doctor of Chiropractic

I’m a native Virginian born and raised in the Tidewater area. During my undergraduate studies in Exercise Science at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, I had the pleasure of fulfilling my internship with a Chiropractor in Virginia Beach. I was instantly inspired. Helping people recover from various musculoskeletal conditions by means of manual therapy and healthy lifestyle interventions fascinated me. I then attended National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois graduating in April of 2003 with a Bachelors in Human Biology and Doctorate in Chiropractic.

When I’m not helping patients, I enjoy staying active by weight training, running, boating, skiing, and hiking. I enjoy spending time with my wife Ashley, golden retriever Bailey, and Himalayan Aspen. I support continued lobbying efforts for legislative action for the Chiropractic profession. I continue to stay up to date on the most recent and relative peer reviewed articles that support Chiropractic research.

My professional purpose is to provide a safe, friendly, and effective healthcare service to those pursuing optimal performance and those in pain by changing the community’s perception of healthcare through conservative management.

My clinical methodology and philosophy:

Today’s model of healthcare is changing. You the patient demand active participation and being well informed by your Doctor. Today you have a wide array of therapeutic choices when it comes to your health. As Doctors of Chiropractic, we are first contact providers for a multitude of musculoskeletal complaints. Your first choice for treatment of those occasional aches and pains you experience should be a specialist who has advanced knowledge with the musculoskeletal and nervous system, concepts of applied biomechanics, joint function and balance, principals of postural awareness and core stabilization.

As a long time advocate and instructor of rehabilitation and exercise prescription, I like to provide patients active therapeutic interventions with an emphasis on muscle coordination, proper muscular length, strength, and endurance.

Since birth, I have dealt with a congenital foot deformity that limits my ability to do sustained activities. Thanks to Chiropractic care, I am able to perform at a higher functional level. Your feet are your foundation. They must react, conform, and resist the daily pounding of forces we place upon them. Therefore, I make it a point to evaluate your feet as well as your spine for any functional or structural deficits. Many back, leg, and hip conditions have their origins in the foot. There is an old saying by one of the great Doctors of physical medicine that if you are treating the area of pain, you are not treating the true source of the problem. The Doctors of Chiropractic Centers of Virginia treat causes not symptoms.

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dr richardsKatrina M. Richards, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Hello everyone! In order to better understand chiropractic and its importance to your health, I feel it is necessary that you learn a little bit about who I am, where I have come from, and the events that have shaped me into the practitioner that I am today.

I am a native of Canada, but have lived in the States, since marrying my husband Gregory in 2002. I obtained both my bachelor’s degree in Biology and Doctorate from Life University in Marietta, GA. I joined the team at Courthouse Commons Chiropractic and Wellness Center in November, 2013. I am a member of the VCA, and certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

At a very young age I knew that I wanted to become a Doctor of Chiropractic, however, my true passion for the profession was ignited when I worked for a Chiropractor two summers prior to high school graduation. The most fascinating patients to me were the ones who were coming in for wellness. Numerous athletes were under chiropractic care for injury prevention and peak performance, and various other patients sought care to reach their health goals and improve quality of life. Their connection with chiropractic was optimal health, rather than relief from aches and pains.

My understanding of chiropractic up until that point, was that “it could help reduce and or eliminate one’s pain, through conservative management (no drugs or surgery),” and I loved that …BUT it was so exciting to discover that there was even more to the chiropractic story! This revelation confirmed for me that my decision to become a Chiropractor was without a doubt, the right one. I feel honored every day that patients allow me to be a part of their commitment to lead more healthy, quality lives!

I love taking care of kids, so full of life and potential. It pains me to see others, especially children, suffering needlessly. Their parents are doing their best, but many still end up more medicated and less well. I also enjoy caring for pregnant women to make sure they have a more comfortable pregnancy and that their child starts his/her life, healthy from the beginning.

It is my responsibility to share with you the chiropractic lifestyle and be an example for you. I am a strong believer in chiropractic hugely due to my first hand experience as a patient myself. Because of Chiropractic, I am a strong, healthy, active, and happy individual, committed to care for lifetime wellness.

Every day my passion grows from meeting extraordinary individuals and families. I take a lot of pride in making my patients feel that they can count on me no matter what challenges they may be facing. Don’t give up hope. Don’t give up on yourself. Come in and let’s talk. Life is too short to be further minimized by sickness and suffering, forcing you to miss out on a healthy, happy life. Choose a wellness Chiropractor and make an appointment today for yourself and your loved ones. It is time to say goodbye to poor health and ill health related expenses, while you raise your wellness to an exciting new level! I look forward to getting to know you and your family and welcoming you into ours!

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope, has everything.” ~ Arabian Proverb

If you want Dr. Richards to show you how to achieve your highest health potential, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

joanna idphotoJoAnna

I was born in Carthage, Missouri. Due to my father being an officer in the Army it allowed me to travel throughout this country and other countries as well.

I graduated from Key Business College with a Medical Assisting Degree and attended J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Culinary Arts Program.

I have always enjoyed working in the health field and strive to exceed in providing excellent patient care, that’s why I now work for CCVA. I truly believe that CCVA puts the patient first. This allows us to provide excellent patient care, which I can be proud of being a part of.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my nine year old daughter inventing new recipes to cook up.

I look forward to seeing you in the office soon.